MightyMushrooms is a place celebrating innovation, relationships with one another, the world around us, and all the magic there is to be found within!!!

Figured out a Facebook page.... still hopeful for our website.... Power Up!

MightyMushrooms are seekers of light. We are Mighty Mushrooms. You may be one too.
This is our platform to share and to help cultivate ideas and inspiration.

MightyMushrooms is a “State Of Being” It is the desire to be more than “in the dark and fed Bull S**t”! Choose to Live In The Light!!!! We Are MightyMushrooms! You may be one too!

Let’s Have Some Fun! Sincerely, Monica, Becky & Rena.

July 19, 2016 Becky lost her battle with cancer… She will be with us always in spirit…

The Original MightyMushroom!!