Power! Collect It, Generate It, Store It

When we were hit with the EF-5 tornado May 2011, everything went off.  The electricity, the phones, the water pressure.  We had our little crank radio, and as the tornado moved across our town, only blocks away, we were listening to the reports of damage as the sirens multiplied and many suffered and died.  What a helpless situation!  We had no communication with our loved ones three miles away.  Praying that they were safe and knowing that they have a safe place, was a painful time of waiting.  We have a safe place which is a  designated area in our basement, with bottled water, a crank radio, and crank flashlights.  As we came out to see that  we had been spared, we knew that we must take care of our children, our home, and ourselves.  A serious panic swept over the town, people trying to find their loved ones, the phone towers were down, so the cell phone was useless.  Thruways were blocked with massive debris.  As we assessed the situation, we filled the bathtub, and several large containers with water from the faucet, while it slowed to a trickle.  We lit the Coleman Lantern and played a game of Sorry with the children.    We must become islands unto ourselves.  So we begin with POWER!