FOOD! Grow It ~ Store It

The need for safe, quality food, for ALL PEOPLE, is real.


After May 22nd, 2011 many of my thoughts and personal perceptions of the world we live in were challenged.  Seriously, what would happen if the trucks stopped coming to your town, my town, for a week, a month, ten weeks….   What if they did come, but only brought Soilent Green.   I have read of greenhouses that are an acre in size and can feed an entire city the size of New York City.  We do not have this technology in play because “It would throw our nation into economic upheaval”.  But that is for another page, Conspiracy Theories!    I am not extremely knowledgeable in history or politics.  I have heard the stories of hunger and death, and have seen the old footage of the soup lines in the depression.  Not our system at it’s finest. What about all the hungry children and families here in the United States, as we send immeasurable amounts of food and relief out of the country.  When flying, the stewardess gives her instructions, and please notice that she says, “In the event of an emergency, the oxygen masks will drop down.  FIRST, place a mask over your own face, and then turn to help your neighbors”.  This is how I believe we should be handling the food conditions in our United States.   I know right from wrong, and the facts that I believe I am clear on break my heart.  I have very strong feelings about the Native Americans and their ways of life.  I have very strong feelings about communal style living and success stories, like “Sevano” outside Tucson, AZ.    It is amazing.  Have you ever known hunger?  Real hunger?  I haven’t.  Maybe I had to eat my share of “less than tasty” food during phases in my life, but I have never truly known hunger.  The need for safe, quality food, for ALL PEOPLE, is real.  First and foremost, we have to eat.   Fresh Food!  Whole Food!  Good Food!  Healthy Food!  Food that was grown and raised  with the health and future of my family and your family at it’s highest regard.  We would like to build a useful and interesting area dedicated to FOOD!  Growing it, storing it, and community spirit influencing our self sufficiency!  ~MavenM

This book is a basic guide to greener living filled with easy-to-follow instructions and step-by-step tips for creating a sustainable lifestyle in any size home.


The City Homesteader by Scott Meyer (Running Press, 2011).

 This is where we will begin!